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tif dynamite

CrAzy Zany Sexy Lady

Tiffany Roberts ( a.k.a. go go pimp tif, a.k.a. tif dynamite, a.k.a. Oopsy Daisie, a.k.a. Aphrodyke) is a multi-faceted stage performer and super hot-ass. She has been entertaining the great people of the United States of America since 1982 when her very first show went up: "Driveway Productions presents, Murder in Strawberry Shortcake Land." 

Since that day she has tirelessly begged for attention through go-go dancing, burlesque, theatre and film, dancing and choreography, costuming, screen and sketch writing, casting and direction, production, fundraising, pole dancing, acro and aerial circus, improv, pageant judging, dominatrixing, mimery, bingo calling, calendar and naughty magazine modeling. She is the producer of numerous drag and girlee shows and is the co-creator of The North High Beaverettes, Genderf*kation: A Gender Emancipation, Pi Idol, PiCathalon, Queer Speed Dating is Hard and the nationally infamous Dildo Bingo®. 

Tif can be seen in "Q: A Documentary," about the lives of seven GLBTQ Twin Cities-based performers as well as about town emceeing various events and twirling tassels with her theatre-based burlesque troupe, The Wicked Wenches Cabaret. America rips!