Wicked Wenches Cabaret

VaudeviCALâ„¢ Theatre

Tawney John

A Prince Among Queens

Tawny John's introduction into the performance of drag and burlesque began with working on set construction with Silver Slipper Productions including being lead for the set construction for the 2012 Fringe Festival production of "Christopher Street".  

Tawny started learning burlesque at BurlesqueMN and was hooked on it.  While taking classes at BurlesqueMN and Playful Peacock and performing in the student showcases, Tawny began to expand into solo routines and duets, performing with Cherry BombJac, Vince V Vice, and Lavender Storm.  New Year's Eve of 2012 Tawny performed a duet at Insert Coin with a Wicked Wenches production there and in the spring of 2013 got the opportunity to join the Wicked Wenches.  

Performing with the WW, Tawny has appeared as Yoda in "Strip Wars" and as Oz in "Under the Rainbow".  Performing with the Wicked Wenches has also lead to Performing with TransvestiteSoup as Frank N Furter in "Rocky Horror Picture Show".  Tawny has also performed at the Townhouse Bar in the Nudie Newbie shows and in the Drag and Dance amatuer shows, and has also performed at Pride in 2012 with Silver Slipper Productions and in 2013 with the Wicked Wenches.