Wicked Wenches Cabaret

VaudeviCAL™ Theatre

What is a Vaudevical™?


It's like a musical, but instead of singing we break out into variety acts of all kinds.  The Wicked Wenches Cabaret creates unique Burlesque & Cirque parodies of famous stories to entertain the masses. 

Every show combines adult humor with positive, empowering messages of love, self acceptance, and passion. With a truly diverse cast, the WWs showcase the talent and beauty of the human body in all its shapes, sizes, colors, and genders. 

Let Us Entertain You Tonight!

The WWs Are


A collaboration of over twenty actors, dancers, and athletic artists passionately dedicated to the mission of advocating positive physical, mental, and emotional wellness by sharing their experiences through the art of burlesque and beyond.

​The Wicked Wenches Cabaret was founded in 2011 as a comedic burlesque theatre hybrid experiment...topped with glitter. 

Troupe Mission

"We here in the Twin Cities are blessed with one of the most vibrant and talented burlesque scenes in the nation. The downside is that you really have to stand out to be noticed in this rich scene. Thankfully Wicked Wenches Cabaret sticks out by using their talented troupe of dancers, singers, magicians, and what nots to retell (or basically lampoon) famous stories; thereby recasting the story in a whole new glitter and pasty adorned level." 
​-Todd O'Dowd Letoile Magazine

The Wicked Wenches Cabaret is a true slapstick comedy Vaudeville revival troupe. We write, cast, block, choreograph and present every production in just eight weeks.

The magic of each show lives in the limelight for one to two weekends and then goes back into the glitter vault for two years. ​This fast-paced production style creates a whirlwind of hilarious entertainment style that can be enjoyed over and over again! 

We are dedicated to providing a high quality experience for our audience and work hard to do so. We rehearse 20+ hours a week in studio- dancing, crafting, costuming, designing sets, song writing and script building.

welcome Audience!