What is Burlesque?


Burlesque is adult dance theater performed by elaborately-costumed women (and some men) who peel off those elaborate costumes while dancing or singing or performing amazing circus feats!

​The WWs have many talents at their disposal including aerial arts, modern dance, pole dance, hooping, fire and vocals.

The WWs Are


The WWC are a collaboration of over twenty actors, dancers, and athletic artists passionately dedicated to the mission of advocating positive physical, mental and emotional wellness by sharing their experiences through the performance art of burlesque and beyond.

​Founded in 2011 as a theatre burlesque comedy experiment topped with glitter. 

"We here in the Twin Cities are blessed with one of the most vibrant and talented burlesque scenes in the nation. The downside is that you really have to stand out to be noticed in this rich scene. Thankfully Wicked Wenches Cabaret sticks out by using their talented troupe of dancers, singers, magicians, and what nots to retell (or basically lampoon) famous stories; thereby recasting the story in a whole new glitter and pasty adorned level." -Todd O'Dowd Letoile Magazine

Nothing brings us more joy than to make you laugh, smile, chuckle, giggle, gafaw and crack up. In today's world laughter is a precious thing.

The Wicked Wenches are dedicated to providing a unique, high quality experience for our audience and work hard to do so. We rehearse dance four hours a week in studio, countless hours at home and spend time time crafting, costuming, designing sets, song writing and script building. 

All to create our unique burlesque parodies and hone our talents for our a la carte experience.

welcome Audience!

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